Kieran Cummins

Vocals | Harp | Violin


From County Meath, Kieran Cummins is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

He plays the Irish Harp, Violin, Piano Accordion and Guitar.

He has also invested heavily in state of the art PA (sound system), thereby relieving people of the need to source separate services in this regard.

Kieran offers a wide variety of gorgeous music on a combination of instruments. He is always happy to meet with and discuss your requirements and offer recommendations to best suit an occasion. He has a large repertoire which includes many well-known pieces together with less well known, but very beautiful music. This ranges from Traditional Irish to Classical and Contemporary music.

Kieran’s passion for music has seen him perform at Corporate events, Weddings, Funerals, and Concerts.

A repertoire of Kieran's music is listed on the 'samples' page of this website.


Eco Advocacy

Kieran is also a trained Solicitor and devotes much of his time to environmental causes.

He currently has one significant case against Ireland with the United Nations in Geneva. It relates to public participation. See:

To see some of the environmental causes he is engaged in, you might like to visit Eco Advocacy:

He is currently putting together some concerts for 2017 to raise finances for Eco Advocacy. Dates will be published in due course.


Leinster Standup Paddle Boarders

Kieran has many passions in life; his main passion being  Music followed by Photography. In addition to Music and Photography, he loves SUP (Standup paddle Boarding), Cycling, Tennis, Swimming, Outdoors, Trekking, Target shooting, Board Games and should a suitable partner turn up: Dance (Tango). For those interested, in SUP visit:

Kieran has some spare curtsey boards and loves to take people out. 

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