Kieran Cummins

Vocals | Harp | Violin


Kieran is available to provide entertainment or quiet background music to suit any given event anywhere.

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Being a multi-instrumentalist as well as a vocalist, Kieran is happy to provide a wide variety of music, which ranges from Harp to Violin, Accordion, and Guitar with vocals. He has a large repertoire of ballads and contemporary songs, which he is happy to perform.



Generally, background Harp music is always appreciated at corporate events as it lifts the mood with its light and airy nature. Kieran can provide gentle harp music for your event that will add a touch of class and will surely mark your event with an air of distinction in the memories of all who attend.



Being a vocalist as well as an instrumentalist, he is well placed to intersperse any ceremony with beautiful hymns and songs, as well as with beautifully evocative instrumentals on the Harp and Violin. Contact Kieran to arrange a meeting and get professional advice on the choice of music for your big day.



The loss of a loved one is always an upsetting time for relatives and friends and Kieran is no stranger to that deep sense of loss. Kieran is well placed to recommend appropriate music and provide some quiet background music together with vocals befitting any memorial service or funeral ceremony.


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